Engagement: Heather and Aaron by steven minns

Taking advantage of a rare, relatively sunny November day for a shoot around the grounds of Risley Hall with Heather and Aaron.

Wedding: Tanya and Joseph by steven minns

Starting out at Camden Town Hall early in the afternoon and finishing at midnight on the Lady Daphne sailing barge. This was a challenging shoot, particularly shooting on the deck of a moving barge, lit only by ambient light from the buildings lining the banks of the River Thames.

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Canon FD to Micro Four Thirds Adapter by steven minns

With a number of old Canon FD mount lenses gathering dust, this adapter piqued my interest. The old Canon lenses feel much more solidly built than some modern lenses, but is this enough to compensate for the lack of auto focus and vibration reduction? Perhaps not an issue on the 50mm lens, but no VR on a 70 - 150mm lens (effectively 140 - 300mm on a Micro Four Thirds body) could be a pain to live with.

Watch this space for a side-by-side comparison of images shot with the Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 and Panasonic 14-45mm f/3.5 - 5.6 kit lens.

Filming: Penrhyndeudraeth Tower Build by steven minns

Filming the works was challenging for a number of reasons - ever changing weather conditions and working into the evening with very little light outside of the construction area to name a few. With the marshland being open to the public, there was always the risk of curious dog walkers, hikers and even the occasional grazing sheep stepping into the camera's field of view. Filming locations were carefully selected to minimise this risk.